In Like A Lion...

by - October 05, 2010

If you live in Alabama then there's no doubt you're familiar with the battle over bingo that's been being waged since last year.

If you're not from Alabama but have been reading my blog for awhile, then chances are you've read a few bingo-related posts. In my most recent bingo blog, Political Pow-Wow, I addressed the issue plaguing the state, as well as what I consider the close-mindedness of people living in this area.
This past legislative session, an electronic bingo bill was introduced to the Senate. It was never brought to a full vote, but it didn't take long before murmurings of corruption began to simmer.

The federal government soon stepped in and launched a full-scale investigation into possible corruption surrounding the proposed legislation.

This morning, 11 people - state senators, lobbyists, an unnamed state representative, two bingo casino operators and one employee - were indicted on a combined 39 charges and subsequently arrested. The charges include conspiracy, mail and wire fraud, and money laundering.

The indictment, which is 65 pages long, was released almost immediately following the arrests, which is unusual. What's also unusual is the meticulousness of the document, which is chock-full of profanity as well.

There are many unanswered questions in this deal, questions that will likely keep the newsroom and my shows in chaos for at least the remainder of the week.

Unlike the days when Country Crossing was being raided...and not being raided...and possibly being raided, today wasn't all that out of the ordinary. In fact, it was fairly calm in comparison.

And if this is the beginning of the end of electronic bingo in the state, I have to agree with my sports guy: it's pretty anti-climactic.

We've gone from anti-bingo rallies with religous leaders shouting ill tidings... to pretty standard arrests followed by even more standard arraignments. The issue that came roaring in like a lion appears to be walking out meek as a lamb.

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  1. Why can't they just let these people play their damn BINGO... *sigh*

  2. Well, to be fair this time around it isn't really about the legality of electronic bingo. It's about whether or not these people participated in what amounts to 'vote-buying' in regards to the proposed legislation.