Life of Me IV

by - October 14, 2010

Something almost as exciting as the day I got to love on a giraffe, even if they are gay, has happened.

I can now edit at my desk at work!

I used to have to wait on an edit bay to open... or kick someone out of an edit bay to work on my video. That added probably 30 minutes to my total work time per show.

So now, I have more time to play around on facebook [and maybe update my blog more frequently].

It's the little things in life.

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  1. Another delightful illustration, Ashton! I'm a lifelong animal lover and the giraffe is one of my favorites. One of my earliest childhood memories is of "Jasper," a large, wooden, beautifully painted giraffe that my father made by hand and placed in my room at my bedside.

    I'm happy to learn that you won't have to go into a holding pattern outside the edit suites. I remember what that's like. I hope this time saver will indeed free you up to blog more often because I always look forward to reading your posts.

    Have you ever seen the late 80's movie Broadcast News? If not I think it would be of interest to you, Ashton. Holly Hunter stars as a television news producer. At that time female producers were still regarded as somewhat of a novelty. It's a great picture that gives you a glimpse of what producing was like 20 plus years ago.

  2. Woohoo! More free time and easier work type stuff! Who could ask for more? :)

  3. Finally eh? I couldn't imagine having to go somewhere else just to do some of my work.