3 VIP Shopping Programs Worth Joining

by - March 18, 2021

I'm one of those shoppers who joins all the rewards programs, downloads apps for coupons, and actually reads promotional emails (most of the time). In other words, as much as I like to shop, I like finding a good deal even better.

When it comes to shopping online, I tend to gravitate to the same retailers over and over. Most of it is personal style, but it's also nice to not have to worry about quality or fit issues. Several years ago, I joined my first VIP shopping program, and I haven't looked back. Today, I'm a member of three, and I'm going to share what keeps me hanging on.

Let's start with the program I've been a member of the longest: ShoeDazzle. If you've been a reader for any length of time, you're familiar with my obsession with this online retailer. I don't even remember when I joined, but it's been over five years at least. Probably 70% of my shoes, especially boots, came from the site, and at least 80% of my purses. I also have several jackets and dresses, and a few other clothing pieces.

Here's what makes ShoeDazzle so great:
-Each month, they curate a collection of shoes, clothes, and purses, to match your style preferences.
-The quality of their shoes is on point, especially for the price. The clothes are mostly hits, even if I do have to size up in pretty much everything to ensure the fit.
-VIPs get early access to sales, which is a must because if you wait until it's open to everyone, you're less likely to get what you want.
-On a regular basis, VIP pricing is a good bit lower than regular pricing, and you do not have to buy something every month to maintain your VIP status so long as you skip by the 5th of the month. And if you're worried about missing that date, they do send emails letting you know that your showroom is ready so no excuses.
-When you do shop, you accumulate points that can be put toward extra savings or a "freebie."

This is the only con I have - my monthly showroom is never a good representation of my style. However, it doesn't really bother me because of the huge selection on the rest of the site.

Here's a look at some of my favorite pieces from them (in no particular order).

These black lace-up booties are a fun way to add sass and a retro vibe to my dresses, without adding the clunkiness that comes with combat boots.

This faux suede jacket and brown wedges are staples in my closet, especially in the Spring.

These black boots were the first thing I ever bought from ShoeDazzle, and I'm still wearing them. They're also the pair that gets all. the. compliments. And they go with dang near everything.

I will never regret splurging on these Oxfords. They're so much fun.

This orange floral dress is such a pretty spring and summer dress. I've worn it to weddings, Easter, and just because.

These combat boots have certainly stood the test of time.

This pink leather jacket was most definitely an impulse buy, but it's become one of my most reached-for jackets over the last few years. I love that it stands out from the crowd.

These over-the-knee taupe boots are a reader favorite.

This denim vest is top notch and gets worn repeatedly through spring and summer.

This cropped white leather jacket was another impulse buy, but again - zero regrets.

Now let's move on to AdoreMe. I joined after ShoeDazzle, but it wasn't long after. I ended up taking a break for a few years while I was struggling with my health and weight, but I've been active with the site for the last two years. I own several swimsuits and pajama sets, as well as bra and panty sets and lingerie.

Here's what keeps me hooked:
-Like ShoeDazzle, AdoreMe curates a monthly showroom of bras and panties, pajamas and lingerie, swimsuits, and activewear to match your style preferences.
-Unlike ShoeDazzle, AdoreMe is mostly spot on for me.
-Also unique from ShoeDazzle, VIPs receive a free set after your fifth purchase.
-The quality is on par with Victoria Secret, and in some cases it's better.
-They have frequent sales, but VIPs get lower pricing daily.
-Again, like ShoeDazzle, you don't have to make a monthly purchase, but they have a lovely feature where if you forget to skip the month, you have a grace period in which you can request a refund. I've made use of this feature a lot!

No pictures for obvious reasons ;)

Now to the baby of the group: Fabletics. I've only been a member for the last couple of years, but I've been buying sporadically from them for longer. The set above is my most recent purchase, and it's my favorite to date.

Here's why you should consider joining their VIP program:
-Each month, they curate a personalized collection of outfits.
-The quality is outstanding. You know that saying, "You get what you pay for?" Yeah.
-You can get entire outfits, sometimes consisting of three pieces, for $49.
-Every time you buy, you build up points that can be used toward purchase total.
-Skip the months you don't want to or can't afford to buy. Let's be real: who needs a new pair of workout leggings and/or sports bra every month?

My one and only con is this -- Getting to the "skip the month" button is difficult. Their website isn't the easiest to navigate. It's actually easier to find on my phone than my computer.

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