Real Outfit Roundup: When Winter & Spring Collide

by - March 02, 2021

We are officially in the time of year when southern weather flits between winter and spring as often as a bumblebee flits between flowers. Seriously, we have a week of 70s here, a day or two of 80s there, then it rains and we're back in the 50s. If seasonal whiplash was a thing, I would definitely have it by now.

Why am I giving you a southern weather lesson instead of talking about fashion? Well, it's to explain the hodgepodge of outfits you're about to see. Our weather has been all over the map. Case in point: this past weekend our temps topped out in the low 80s, today we're back in the mid-50s. We don't get a ton of spring weather here, and what we do get isn't consistent at all. So for the next month, be prepared to see me bounce around between t-shirts and sweaters pretty frequently.

The last few real outfit roundup posts I've done have been wrapped around other topics, but I'm going back to the basics with this one. Mostly because it's been nearly two weeks since I did one. So let's get to it, yeah?

Sizing info: I'm 5'2" and weigh around 150 lbs. Unless otherwise noted, I wear size medium or 6/8 in tops and dresses, size 6 in pants and skirts, and size 7 in shoes.

We're starting way back on February 18th. According to my planner, Alexis and I had a dentist appointment that day. I don't remember much about the weather, but I'm pretty sure it was rainy and, judging by my sweater, cold.

Sweater (old): Target / Jeans: Old Navy / Shoes: Converse

So, all signs point to skinny jeans being on their way out this year in favor of straighter styles. I'll be honest: I started straying from my super skinny jeans a couple years ago. I really like boyfriend jeans. They've got a nice casual vibe to them and fit me nicely through my hips. I typically roll the hems of mine, and I can't tell you why I didn't this day. Maybe because it was wet and I wanted my ankles to be more covered?

Moving on to the next day. My planner says it was a deadline day, which means I'll have spent it holed up in my office getting stuff done. That explains this comfy ensemble.

Sweatshirt: Walmart / Leggings: Walmart / Socks: Amazon / Boots: Shoe Carnival

This over-sized sweatshirt has been one of my favorite lounge pieces this year, and I wish I'd bought it in at least one other color. My leggings are actually workout leggings, although I'm fairly certain I didn't workout that day. This pair is particularly comfortable and thick to keep out the chill. And I do not regret buying these sweater socks for myself last year. I wear them all. the. time. Totally worth it.

Fast forward to that Sunday. It was a pretty mild weekend so we spent some time outside. I'm pretty sure this is the day we decided to grill hot dogs and have a fire in the firepit.

Shirt: Amazon / Jacket (old): Old Navy (similar) / Glasses: Liingo

This light zip-up hoodie is the perfect weight for spring days. I like that it's not thick and that it's not lined with that French-terry material ON is so fond of. It's perfect to throw on over my pjs for school drop off in the morning or over my workout clothes before/after class. I've had it for awhile so unfortunately this exact one isn't available.

Which brings us to the last Monday in February. I had a busy day and just wanted to be comfortable, so this old sweatshirt and my stretchiest jeans were in order.

Sweatshirt (old): Modcloth / Jeans (old): Aeropostale / Glasses: Liingo

On Tuesday I had just as much on my schedule, but the sun was out and I wanted to really embrace the Spring weather. One of my favorite ways to do that is by matching my spring/summer skirts with a sweater.

Sweater: Target / Skirt (old): similar / Boots (old): similar

This skirt is one of my favorites but also one that is hard to style for cooler days. This pretty blue pointelle sweater I got earlier in the season is a perfect match to the blue in the pattern. This sweater is a little too bulky to fully tuck, but leaving it out did not work with the skirt so I did a half tuck to draw attention to my waist.

Wednesday's schedule was even more packed, but I did leave the house for more than just school drop-off and pick-up. I remember fighting with my front tuck and looking for my belt, but not where I actually went.

Shirt (old): Target / Jeans (old): Old Navy / Shoes: Old Navy / Belt: Amazon

I read somewhere that statement sleeves are back in style this year. For me, they never went out of style. I love a good statement sleeve, and this is one of my favorite blouses. I've had it for several years now. It's so easy to dress up but also works for a casual outfit as well.

On Thursday, the only thing written in my planner is my yoga class. I'm pretty sure I finished up some web work and designed some house ads for my sister magazines, but I didn't write them down.

Shirt: Target / Skirt: Old Navy / Shoes: Old  Navy

I love pairing a graphic tee with a printed skirt. It's a formula that works with pretty much any printed skirt, even one that feels like it's made for colder seasons like fall/winter. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll remember the post showing the three t-shirts I had pulled to try with this skirt. While all of them worked, I love how the yellow of this cactus tee makes the yellow in the skirt's print pop.

And now we've made it to this past Monday. This is my in-between week where I do most of my month-ahead planning and get caught up on anything not time sensitive I didn't get around to in the month before.

Shirt: Old Navy / Jeans (old): Aeropostale / Shoes: Amazon

This shirt is from a recent Old Navy order. It came in before everything else, otherwise I might would have done a try-on post for you guys. Anyway, I ordered my usual size medium, and although it is supposed to be oversized, I wasn't expecting it to be this oversized. I had a hard time getting it to tuck nicely, both full and half, but I didn't like how boxy it looked untucked. That said, I don't think I would have liked the small based on the sleeves/shoulders. I'm hoping it draws up a little bit when I wash it.

Also, these flats are surprisingly really good. They aren't too tight and don't pinch my toes, despite the slightly pointed toe, and have a decent amount of cushion in the insoles. They're faux suede and come in a bunch of colors. I've got my eye on the mustard, navy, and blush.

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