Monday Motivation

by - March 22, 2021

Happy Monday, friends. I actually quite a few things to chat about today, so let's just dive on in.

Did you see my social post(s) on Friday? If you did, feel free to skip this bit. Basically, I addressed my current life situation and how I've allowed myself to become so overwhelmed with work that it's been taking away from the rest of my life. Frankly, I let myself slide back into old habits from when I worked at the TV station, which resulted in some pretty familiar feelings that I chose to push back and deal with later. Famous last words, huh? Like all things, it eventually came to a tipping point earlier this month when I had a very out-of-character meltdown with my boss. Although it wasn't unexpected or really even unwarranted, I don't lose my cool like that...ever. So I forced myself to really think about what I've been feeling lately, and it wasn't good.

To sum it up in one sentence: For the last several months, I have been distracted and detached from everything that wasn't work-related that I had started to feel like a failure in every other aspect of my life.

But, I'm working on it. My little blow-up, while uncharacteristic of my normal behavior, did shed light on the situation for both me and my boss. So while it was regrettable and somewhat embarrassing in hindsight, it did serve a purpose and changes are being made.

It's okay to not be okay all the time. We all struggle. But maybe by sharing the real stuff, we can help each other through it.

So that explains why my posting the last several weeks has been sporadic and not well-planned out. But hopefully, as I get the see-saw of my life re-balanced, that will change and this will start to feel more natural again.

In other news, I have a root canal this week. My one and only tooth with a filling has a tiny little crack (that feels like the Grand Canyon). Thankfully, I'm pretty anal retentive about my teeth so I caught it very early and they're confident my tooth is savable.

Next week is Spring Break for Alexis, and we're taking the opportunity to go visit one of my besties from college in south Florida. It has been a very very very long time since I took a vacation, and even longer since this particular friend and I were in the same place at the same time.

Alexis's 6th birthday is coming up, and after not being able to celebrate last year, we're having a very small party this year, so I'm busy planning that. I can't believe my baby is almost 6! And she's reading! Like, she doesn't want me to read to her at bedtime anymore because she'd rather read to me.

Umm...I think that's everything. I hope you guys all have a great week!

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