Spring Must Have: White Denim Jacket

by - March 26, 2021

Did you know the jean jacket has been around since the 1880s? Levi Straus designed the original jean jacket to match the denim pants he had created for workers. Since then, jean jackets have seen quite the style evolution and now come in a variety of colors, cuts, and washes.

In my closet, alone, you'll find three versions: an original Levi's trucker jacket that I've had since high school, a thinner dark-wash style from Old Navy, and this white one by Time and Tru at Walmart.

Today, we'll be talking about styling a white denim jacket for Spring.

We all know that a classic jean jacket is a closet staple, but what about white denim?

A white denim jacket is a fresh take on an old favorite that will add a spot of brightness to your Spring wardrobe.

I'm not suggesting throwing out your tried-and-true dark or light-wash jean jacket, but I do think you should give white denim a try this season!

A white denim jacket instantly adds a pop of color to your darker patterns, making them brighter and instantly more on-season.

Before I share a few styling ideas, let's talk about the white denim jacket I own.

I said yes to this white jean jacket last year on a random trip to Walmart. They had positioned the rack with them right next to the center aisle, and it caught my attention. When I saw the price tag, I added it to my cart.

It's such a great jacket for Spring, even in the South where Spring tends to feel more like summer. The denim is light, thin, and stretchy, making it easy to layer over pretty much anything without adding a bunch of bulk or warmth. The sleeves are easy to roll, if that's your jam, and the cut is classic. It's not cropped, and hits right above my hips, which helps create that 1/3, 2/3 rule we talked about earlier this month. Also, it has functional pockets that are actually big enough to hold my phone!

As far as styling goes, it's pretty simple. Wear it the same way you would your regular jean jacket, but if you're still stumped, here are six ways I've worn mine.

1. With a Maxi Dress

Jacket: Walmart / Dress: Target / Shoes: ShoeDazzle (similar)

Adding a jacket of any kind to a maxi dress provides some structure that often isn't found in looser-fitting styles that most maxis favor. With darker prints, a dark-wash denim jacket can blend into the outfit so that you lose that sense of structure. In this case, the white provides a nice pop of color, while also pulling out the lighter lavender in the print of the dress, and creates a nice dividing line at my waist.

Note: I cannot find this dress on Target's website. It's by Universal Thread.

2. With a Romper

Jacket: Walmart / Romper: Amazon / Shoes: Target (similar)

Rompers are a fun, easy one-and-done outfit for the summer, but having bare shoulders and legs in the Spring just feels like too much exposed skin to me.

3. With a Jumpsuit

Jacket: Walmart / Jumpsuit: Old Navy / Shoes: Converse

This is like a maxi dress and a romper had a baby. All the same principals from both previous outfits apply to this one outfit.

These next two are the ultimate momiform (aka, the mom uniform). Basically, you combine a dress with some form of sneaker and then finish the look with your white jean jacket for an effortless "I just threw this on" look.

4. With a Printed Dress & Converse

Jakcet: Walmart / Dress (old): Old Navy (similar) / Shoes: Converse

5. With a Solid Dress & Printed Sneakers

Jacket: Walmart / Dress: Walmart / Shoes (old): Academy Sports (similar)

6. With Joggers

Jacket: Walmart / Shirt: Old Navy / Joggers: Old Navy / Shoes: Walmart

And we'll end with a super casual, I-wasn't-planning-on-leaving-the-house, outfit. This one's for all of y'all still working from home and living in lounge-wear. White denim feels a little more intentional than a traditional jean jacket, doesn't it?

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