3 Ways to Wear a Tank Top This Summer

by - June 14, 2022

One of the fundamental pieces of any wardrobe are those that can be worn multiple ways. Depending on where you're getting your fashion advice from, you may see these pieces referred to as basics or foundation pieces, or maybe something else entirely. I don't really call these pieces anything specific, but they are definitely key parts of my closet, no matter the season.

I recently found a tank top at Target that is so good, I bought it in three colors. This Universal Thread tank top is perfect to wear on its own or layered under a vest or jacket. It has a vertical ribbed design and a double strap on the left shoulder. It's on the casual side but can be dressed up slightly with the right pieces. It comes in blue, yellow, and pink, and as I already mentioned, I bought all three.

In this post, I'm going to show you the three very different ways I've styled this tank top.

Tank / Vest (similar) / Skirt / Shoes

Layered Under a Vest + Midi/Maxi Skirt

This skirt is actually what inspired me to grab this pale blue tank top, which then inspired me to get the other two colors. A solid colored top with a printed skirt is always a winner. The vest layered over the tank gives it a little more structure.

Statement Earrings + Shorts + Sandals

A good pair of statement earrings, like these tassel ones, are an easy way to level up what would otherwise be a basic outfit. So does opting for shorts that aren't denim, like these utility shorts. They've got more structure that denim shorts do. Opting for a pair of slides instead of flip flops is an easy way to elevate your outfit, too. I'm loving these knotted neutral slides.

Tank / Pants (similar) / Shoes (similar)

Linen Pants + Sandals

Linen pants are actually something that I struggle with, but this tank top works very nicely with these. The ribbing keeps it from being plain Jane, and the thinness of the pants helps with the heat. I did a front/half tuck because I liked the silhouette better than a full tuck, and kept my shoes simple.

If you're struggling with what to add to your closet this summer, Putting Me Together has always kind of been my guiding light when it comes to building a functioning wardrobe, and she recently put together a really good post about Summer Wardrobe Building Blocks. I don't think I could do that any better - really, she's that good with how she explains things. 

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