Monday Motivation

by - June 13, 2022

Happy Monday, friends. This has been the most ridiculously stressful start to a month ever. And yes, I realize we're a week and a half into it, but my statement stands.

Remember how I told you last week that there would be no printed issues for June? Well, the owner changed his mind. The normal shipment of June magazines arrived first thing Thursday morning, so I've had to add distribution back into my schedule...except I've already got several things on my schedule that can't be rescheduled. And of course it rained because it always rains when I'm trying to distribute. Oh, and I'm having to take Alexis along with me, which means I don't get as much done in one day. So it's a bit of a nightmare right now.

Speaking of Alexis, she did VBS last week and had a lot of fun. She was front and center for the parent night presentation, which I wasn't expecting, but she did great. The camp she was supposed to attend this week ended up not happening, but to be honest, I think she needs a break. 

We got a decent amount done with the house this weekend. We're still not fully moved in but getting closer! We're honestly not in a giant hurry, since it really feels like none of us have had much time to just sit and be lately.

This week will be spent trying to get distribution finished. I hope to be done by Wednesday, but I've got a few things set up for Tuesday that cannot be changed. I also have quite a few things that need to be done for the magazine this week, preferably also by Wednesday, so that'll be fun to figure out.

Anyway, I'm almost ready to announce my big news, but not quite. There's still one more thing that needs to happen. It's really just a formality, but if it doesn't happen then everything changes...or rather nothing changes I guess. So I should have some news for you either way in next week's Monday Motivation post.

I hope everyone has a good week!

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