My Summer Wavy Hair Routine

by - June 21, 2022

Day 1: Wash Day

Let's start by clarifying what I mean by 'wash day.' Wash day is the day I do a full shampoo and condition. I try to limit this to once a week, but with it being summer and ungodly hot and humid where I live, that often turns into twice a week.

Okay, so I have a few options for shampoo:

I use the scalp scrub about once every three weeks or so, followed by the vinegar shampoo. This is like a clarifying treatment and leaves my hair squeaky clean. All other times, I use the Renew shampoo for both my first and second wash. I really like how this shampoo lathers and leaves my hair not feeling stripped of all moisture.

My conditioner of choice at the moment is the Intense Repair because I experienced some pretty significant thinning and hair loss post-Covid, and this conditioner promotes hair growth. Since going back to using it, I've seen a huge improvement on the thickness of my hair. This one is supposed to sit for five minutes. Honestly, I don't ever really time it. I just do it at the beginning of my shower and rinse at the end.

Before I even get out of the shower, I apply the Restore Leave-In Conditioner. I squeeze most of the excess water out of my hair, flip and then scrunch in from the ends. I wrap my hair up in either my perfect hair care towel or a microfiber towel, depending on where I'm at in my laundry cycle.

I leave my hair wrapped up for at least 10 minutes, sometimes longer. Usually while I get dressed and put on my makeup. Then I style for day one. Sometimes I finger comb the tangles out, sometimes I use my Denman brush. They both have about the same result. I mix together a good dollop of the Curl Cream, a small amount of the Flexible Hold Gel, and two drops of the Rejuvinque light oil. I rub that all together in my palms, flip, and scrunch in starting at the ends. I do not take it all the way to my scalp. Depending on how much time I've got, I either air dry completely or let the products absorb for maybe 10 minutes before diffusing it dry.

Day 2: Refresh

It doesn't matter what I do with my waves/curls overnight, they always need refreshing the next day. Monat's Wave Spray is amazing as a refresher. First, I use my pick to get out the worst tangles. Then I separate my hair into top and bottom layers and spritz with the Wave Spray until my hair is damp, scrunch from the bottom and air dry. Pro tip: don't spray it on your roots.

Day 3: Reactivate

This is the easiest day. The best part about the Wave Spray, in my opinion, is how easy it is to reactivate the next day. All you need is a spray bottle of water. I get my hair good and damp, not dripping, then gently detangle any trouble spots, and scrunch. I always air dry with this, otherwise I end up with a ton of frizz.


Day 4: Rinse

In the summer, I cannot go more than three days without at least rinsing my hair. I usually do a co-wash with a hair mask around this point in my wash cycle, but lately that's just not cutting it. Enter Monat's Purifying Vinegar Rinse. I absolutely love this stuff. It helps remove all the grossness from my scalp without being a full shampoo. I follow it up with a hair mask (I'm alternating between the Advanced Hydrating and the Damage Repair ones) or conditioner. Then I restyle using my Day 1 products, followed by day 2 refresh and day 3 reactivate, before starting all over again with a full wash.

Easy peasy!

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