9 Unique Dad Gifts for Fathers Day 2022

by - June 09, 2022

I don't know about you, but buying a gift for my dad, and sometimes for my husband, is really difficult! Neither one wears ties for work, they tend to buy the things they want for their hobbies and interests, and whenever you ask both usually respond with "don't get me anything." So what's a daughter and mom to do?

I rounded up nine gift ideas that go beyond a tie, "Best Dad Ever" mug, or something equally as cheesy. I hope they inspire you to think outside the box this Father's Day!

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1. Personalized College History Football Book - This is actually a really cool gift. You choose the college and they create a book of its football history using newspaper clippings. It's something that can be displayed on a coffee table, in an office, or man-cave.

2. Digital Tape Measure - This tape measure works like a traditional tape measure but it gives you a digital reading of the measurement.

3. BBQ Multitool - At one time, we owned three separate grilling sets. All three had multiple tools and were a pain to store (they all ended up on top of the fridge - not ideal). This multi-tool combines all your favorite grilling tools into one, solving that problem without sacrificing anything.

4. Fire Starter Squares - These are perfect for camping or a backyard fire pit, or even an indoor fireplace.

5. Camping Towel - This is another one of those multi-use gifts. It would be a great addition to a workshop, fishing boat, camper, or even the glove box.

6. Stanley Classic Lunch Box - I saw this and it made me think of my dad who's always on the road with road construction. I love the retro look.

7. Gerber Gear Multitool Knife - I've lost count of how many guys I've given this to. Seriously, you can't go wrong with this tool.

8. Record Coasters - These are a really fun gift for a music lover.

9. Car Coasters - Anytime we get in the car, a drink is involved, and that usually means condensation that inevitably leads to cup holders becoming a sticky mess. These boho coasters for car cup holder not only prevent that from happening but they come in several cool patterns!

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