Goodbye Appendix...Hello Axe Lawsuit

by - November 02, 2009

I have returned from an unwanted week-long vacation. Last week I had an emergency appendectomy, but don't worry. The pesky little booger came out just fine. I don't even have stitches. I will, however, have three small scars: one in my belly button (where they put the camera in), one on my hip and one right above my pelvis. I was in pain for awhile and it took a few days for the swelling to go down, but for the most part I'm recuperated. I still get tired really easily though, and the stairs I have to walk up at work every day/night are definitely not my friend.

I missed work while I was alternately sleeping and...well, sleeping at home last week. I'm not really sure what I missed news-wise. Two days were spent in the hospital, and during the other three I must confess the television didn't have as much allure as my bed.

This week was almost like starting over because of all the new stuff we're doing. It's Peanut Festival week so we've got promos and ticket giveaways (which are a blast, let me tell you). Plus we've added in a Rachael Ray "Tip of the Day" to every consumer segment. Today's was really lame by the way. Now we only have one "normal" day during the week, a.k.a. a show free of least until we start running different series.

The most interesting piece of news I heard yesterday (courtesy of 99.7 WOOF FM) was about a ridiculous lawsuit. Apparently a man, I don't know his name, is suing the makers of Axe deoderants and body sprays because...wait for the seven years he has been using their products he hasn't gotten a girlfriend. He says that their advertisements, featuring scantily clad women throwing themselves at guys wearing Axe, are false advertising and have caused him psychological damage. The lawyers in this case are even going so far as to send his half-empty bottles of deoderants and cans of body spray off to laboratories to be chemically tested. The whole thing reminds me of the McDonald's lawsuit over hot coffee.

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