Tropical Storm Ida Comes Calling

by - November 10, 2009


It's 3:19 in the morning. I've been at the station since 11:00 last night, which isn't anything out of the ordinary for me. I'm the overnight producer for WTVY. That means I produce the two-hour morning show. What is unusual about today is the four live shots I'm having to produce, all thanks to the little storm that never could.

She started in the Bay of Campeche and was eagerly watched by meteorologists in what is the end of hurricane season. She settled over Nicarauga and Honduras as a tropical storm and blessed El Salvador with floods and mudslides before making her way into the Gulf of Mexico where in a burst of speed she was named a category 2 storm. Her infamy as a hurricane was short-lived, however, as she progressed further into the Gulf and closer to the U.S.

But that didn't stop Lousiana's governor, Bobby Jindal, from declaring a state of emergency. But after the devastation of Katrina, who could blame him?
But then you've got your Katrina veterans in south Alabama who are rolling their eyes at Ida.

And then there's me. Not technically on Ida-watch because I'm not a meteorologist, but nevertheless watching the progress of the dying 3:38 in the morning.

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