No News is Good News?

by - November 06, 2009

I despise slow news days, and not just because I produce a two-hour show on a daily basis (excluding weekends, of course). They say "no news is good news," but in my humble opinion no news means old news which translates into boring.

And let me tell you, this morning was sloooow. As a rule, I pull all of the new news from the 10 p.m. show and anything of importance regardless of how many times it ran the day before. This morning, there was nothing new in last night's 10:00. I repeat, nothing. So I was forced to peruse the 6:00...and the 5:00, which is something we don't like to do EVER. But, lucky me, all of the important stories ran only once yesterday...a couple in the 5:00...a few more in the 6:00...and a measley one in the 10:00.

Joy of joys I needed seven more minutes worth of stories. These are the mornings my job gets...interesting. I came across a real estate scam, called a ponzi (I really should look into that name); a few trial conclusions; and nothing else worth mentioning.

I am rather intrigued by my kicker though. A Brazilian bricklayer who was thought to be dead showed up as his own funeral, much to the surprise of the family members that identified the body they were burying as him. Makes you wonder how close they were...

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