Facebook Drama Not Just for Teenagers

by - November 23, 2009

We all know people, especially teenagers, can be immature. And there's no better place for their immaturity to run free than the internet, specifically on social media websites like FacebookMyspace and Twitter. People can update their statuses, post bulletins/blogs and send out tweets blasting their worst enemies subtly and sometimes not so subtly...and we all know people are doing just that with increasing abundance.

But what about all those people who use social networking websites that aren't teenagers? They should be using their social networking skills for mature purposes, right?




Not necesarily.

The Associated Press reports two agency heads in Alabama governor Bob Riley's administration have been trading barbs on Facebook over a gubernatorial candidate who's been critical of Riley.

The Alabama Broadband Initiative director Kathy Johnson has been trying to fire up supporters of her husband, Republican candidate Bill Johnson, by using Facebook. Her entry prompted the Medical Commissioner, Carol Herrmann Steckel, to post an objection on her Facebook. She says that Johnson turned on Riley during his campaign and called both him and his wife hypocrites. Kathy Johnson then furthered the online mud slinging by posting that Steckel was rude and hurtful.

And they say teenagers are bad. Shouldn't our leaders know better?

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