When in doubt, look to the skies.

by - November 09, 2009

This is my horoscope for Monday:

If you have been blinded by your own dreams, your high hopes may be dashed in an instant today when you realize the truth of what's actually happening. But this flash of awareness also contains the seeds of a more realistic plan that can pave the path to your future. Don't be overly dramatic about your own version of paradise lost. Just pick up the pieces, adjust your plan and try again. A touch of disappointment can fuel your greatest success.

Paradise lost. I'm not really sure what this could be referencing (not that I put much stock in horoscopes usually)... It's just that there are a few situations in my life right now that are in, shall we say, limbo. And in their own way, each represents kind of a paradise for me.

If one is lost, sure it will hurt...probably as much as it did the last time I lost it. But, fool that I am, I'll gather my feelings back into my heart and move on once again. Only this time, even though I might look back, there will be no returning. Heartache dealt by the hands of the one you truly love is the most heart-wrenching of all the heartache you could ever experience. Once felt is excrutiating. I can't imagine a second time, and I won't be around for a third.

If the other situation turns out to be a false hope...well, I've had my doubts from the get-go. The secrecy surrounding said situation is baffling. I can't even disclose the nature of the situation here for fear that the wrong person will see it, and I end up getting screwed. But, like all tough times, if this falls through I will persevere.

I'm a Sagittarius, by the way. We're generally optimistic, always looking for the silver lining of the dark cloud that plagues us. We tend to be honest to a fault - I often find myself saying exactly what I think before realizing it could hurt someone's feelings. We like learning new things and seeking out adventures, especially if it's going to bring about some type of awareness (maybe that's why I became a journalist...).

People are drawn to our outgoing and joyful personalities, but if we feel our wings have been clipped we can become sullen. But we rarely lose hope, which is what leads us to our greatest successes.

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