Gifts for Guys

by - December 15, 2009

I like to browse the top stories on Yahoo. In other words, I like to see what stories make the cut for that unique little scrolling headlines thing in the middle of their home page. At the top of the list today (right now anyway)? An article (probably mostly pictures) of Salma Hayek's new hairstyle. While I definitely looked at it (a girl can never have too many ideas for new hair cuts), it was more like a glance.

What really caught my eye was an article from Cosmopolitan titled "Gifts That Guys Say They Love". So of course I clicked on it to see what made the list (just in case I think of a guy I need to buy a gift for).

There were 12 items on the list, most of which I would never actually buy. I mean, who really needs customizable sneakers? If I had a boyfriend, would he really want to run around with my nickname for him stamped on his shoes? Probably not.

And then, of course, there were electronics - an XBox 360, iPod Touch, iPhone and something called a Kindle Wireless Reading Device. Three of those are no brainers...and definitely out of my price range.

The list ends with my personal favorite - Aqua di Gio by Georgio Armani. That stuff is like liquid sex in a bottle. Mmm.

To see all the gifts that made the list click here.

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  1. "Liquid sex in a bottle" hmmm? I must smell this fragrance of which you are speaking. :)