Things Men Don't Know About Women

by - December 18, 2009

I found a very intriguing article from Esquire.

You can read it here.

Anyway. It's called "12 Things You Don't Know About Women". What it did was take 12 female celebrities and ask them for relationship and dating advice. While they were all mostly true and a lot were funny, of course I'm not going to repost the entire article (that's called copyright infringement). So I'm just going to post my top three favorites... and also the one that made me literally lol.

1. "Call us back right away. That 'three day' business does not apply. We're getting older, and we don't have time to screw around. Wait too long and we'll lose interest. Trust me on this one." - Christina Applegate

2. "When considering whether or not to ask out the girl you're afraid to talk to, keep this in mind: No matter who you are or what you look like, it's always flattering when you hit on us. Always." -Poppy Montgomery

3. "We are all about our necks. Feel free to spend as much time there as you wish." -Mariska Hargitay

lol funny: "Supersecret: Unless we're blind or have no night-light in the bathroom, the whole toilet-seat thing is exaggerated and meant to control you." -Tea Leoni

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