Zhu Zhu Palooza

by - December 08, 2009

This holiday season's hottest-selling toy is the Zhu Zhu pet, a mechanical pet hamster that you don't have to worry about feeding or cleaning up after.

Anyway, these hot hamsters have been all over the news the past few days thanks to a consumer group called GoodGuide. The group tested the toys to make sure they are safe for kids and found high levels of a toxic chemical called antimony.

The federal limit of the toxin is 60 parts per million. Now the consumer group found 93 parts per million in the Zhu Zhu's fur and 103 parts per million in its nose.

The maker of these no-mess pets of course jumped to their defense, saying the toys passed rigorous tests and are safe for children. So the Consumer Product Safety Commission stepped in and reviewed the toys. They found them to be safe and non-toxic for kids, and now GoodGuide is saying their test results were flawed.

So here's my question - why would any child want a fake hamster in lieu of a real one?

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