For the Birds

by - December 03, 2009

Things have been crazy at work this week, what with the controversial grand opening of a huge entertainment complex followed closely by a severe storm system that moved through the area. So it was 'round the clock coverage of Country Crossing and electronic bingo while constantly wondering if the governor's task force was going to show up for a raid, followed by 'round the clock weather coverage. It was a fun couple of days, let me tell you.

So I'm really kind of behind on my news other than stuff like - lots of rain = bad news for farmers - and Alabama's governor has a seemingly personal vendetta against electronic bingo. Oh, and this just in! Because of the controversial opening of Country Crossing and southeast Alabama's support of electronic bingo, Governor Riley has not extended "disaster assistance" to the Wiregrass. I smell a controversial interview coming soon!

So, in lieu of not having anything remotely interesting to talk about (I refuse to give Tiger Wood's affair anymore publicity than it's already received, and the same goes for the White House party crashers), I give you my favorite of all Pixar's short films: "For the Birds."

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