Mr. Food: The Take Over

by - December 30, 2009

This blog has absolutely no journalistic value whatsoever.

You know, other than it happens to be about a newscast. Today's Live at Lunch, to be precise. If you'd like to see the show (minus the end-of-show blunder), you can check it out on our web channel. Just make sure you click on the Live at Lunch link.

Anyway, here's what happened. It was a beautiful show... if you don't count the mics not being open for the beginning of the show (nothing like a whole bunch of random video playing and not knowing what it means) and the spectacular ending, which is what this blog is all about.

So I don't know if you know anything about Mr. Food. He's this crazy southern chef that we feature in our morning show and when we don't have two interview segments at noon we play him again. Today was one of those days... but his actual segment isn't where the problem was.

Apparently Mr. Food (he looks so innocent and friendly, doesn't he?) decided his minute and 45 seconds in the C block wasn't enough air time. No. He decided to make one last appearance.

This is how we end our show: the anchor and weather person are sitting in chairs (it looks more personable than having them at the desk). They talk about what's coming up on later shows, what's on the menu for the next day's Live at Lunch, and have a final look at weather. As the show is getting ready to end, they zoom into a computer (they remind you to look online for local headlines, etc.).

But that's not how today's show went down. When Joe, the director, hit the button for them to move into the computer who do you think shows up? A giant picture of Mr. Food. So Erica (anchor) and Martha (meteorologist) zoom out to sit in the middle of his face.

Meanwhile, the control room is going crazy. There are cries of Where the @*#$ did that come from?! and the director frantically punching buttons to get him off the screen. But we learned today that Mr. Food is a stubborn adversary. He would not disappear.

Thus, I dub today's episode of Live at Lunch Mr. Food: The Take Over.

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