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by - March 02, 2010

Since I didn't have anything else planned for today, I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon and postulate on who the subject of Carly Simon's hit song "You're So Vain" really is.

I didn't come up with this topic of thought all on my own. I saw an article about how the mystery surrounding this song has indeed not been solved according to its writer on Yahoo. You can read it here.

Carly remade her original 1971 hit song for her latest album, which breathed new life into the rumor mill. When the song was originally released, speculations of who it was written for or about started flying. The most popular guesses, of course, have circled around Carly's ex-boyfriends. And don't worry, I've got pictures of the most popular guesses:

a.k.a. Dick Tracy
(he's by far my favorite)

(check out that mouth)

(he kinda reminds me of Charles Manson in the movie Helter Skelter)

(he's still ugly today)

Carly denies all of the above as the intended subject of her song. The newly released version of the song has rekindled the rumors though. The latest person to fall into the list of possible vanities? Music mogul, David Geffen.

Not much to look at, is he? But that's beside the point. Carly didn't even know this dude when she wrote the song. Want to know why everyone thinks it's him? Thought so. They played the record backwards and apparently some part of it says "David." Bloggers everywhere made the jump to Geffen because he owned a private jet back in 1971 (hint: the song talks about that). But again, they didn't know each other back then.

Carly says there are clues in the song's lyrics, but being as how I wasn't born when the song was written and I don't know her on a personal level that doesn't really mean anything. So here's my thoughts - I don't think it's about anyone in particular. I think it's about anyone and everyone who happened to think the song was about them. And you know all of the guys I just showed you, with the exception of Geffen, definitely thought the song was directed at them. So, mission accomplished? I think so.

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  1. Ha. Carly Simon, man. I think you're right, and it isn't about anyone in particular. That just seems like her style. Or maybe it was aimed at all of those exes in one way or another.

    Perhaps the world will never know.