Stink Be Gone

by - March 08, 2010

I heard about this product on the radio one day last week and decided to check it out. So I went to their website and this is what greeted me:

Such a simple layout for a website (I wish other websites would follow their example!). I especially love where they set up a "picture this" scenario. Classic.

Anyway, strange as this is going to sound, I really like the setup of the ad. Even if it is a little odd that the model looks positively joyous to having to or just having done a poo.

And here's something for you to ponder. You know how people will derogatorily say, "So-and-so thinks her poo (or some profane version of your choice) doesn't stink." Maybe it doesn't. Maybe he/she has discovered the joys of poo-pourri.

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  1. Actually, this makes me uncomfortable. I'm terrified of this ad. Is that weird?

  2. lol The subject itself is uncomfortable, but from an advertising standpoint the ad itself is composed really well.