Feelin' Froggy?

by - March 25, 2010

Today's topic is a little different from what I've been doing lately, so I'll apologize now for the lack of what Christina calls "slutty mcslut slut" material. Anyway, yesterday was a crazy day behind the scenes. I worked all night trying to make sure the second hour of my show would go off without a hitch only to have it fall apart anyway. It would take a lot of typing to adequately explain the circumstances surrounding the events of yesterday, so you're just going to have to be satisfied with those bare details and the knowledge that I had absolutely no spare time to write a post.

We always end the shows with a feel-good story. That way our viewers don't go off to the rest of their day all depressed over the depressing news that fills the rest of the newscast. Because, let's face it, most news is bad news. And to be honest, if it was any other way, no one would watch.

So I was looking for a kicker and came across this interestingly weird story about toads (Yes, I know. Misleading title. My bad.). Apparently it's mating season for them, and up in Pennsylvania they're getting squished by the thousands as they try to hop across roads to get to their mating grounds. Courtship is a dangerous game. So this woman, I forget her name, formed a group to help these amphibians survive the mating season. Basically what they do is set up Toad Detours and block off roads so these slimy little hippity hops can cross like kids trying to go to school.

Comparing toads to schoolkids draws up this image of toad-like people crossing the street in a crosswalk. I imagine them to kind of look like this:
It's a bunch of Toads! I love Super Mario Bros. Wouldn't it be awesome if instead of nasty, slimy toads being helped across streets to procreate, there were lots of these guys being waved through crosswalks to Toad schools?

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  1. Haha yes, a reference to Super Mario Bros.! Guess you win today! ;)

  2. haha When I was looking for Toad Crossing pictures, that one came up so I had to use it.

  3. That makes me sad. Poor toads getting killed and stuff. But yay for them for getting their own detour things.

    Even though I'm scared to death of frogs and toads and slimy things in general...

  4. I don't like frogs (who does? haha!) but seriously, it's kind of a good thing that someone thought of Toad Detours so they can do their stuff. ;D