Weird Wednesday

by - March 03, 2010

I have a whole list of blog topics for days like today when there's nothing blog-worthy in the news, but today I just don't have the motivation to actually think about any of them. So instead, I decided that today could be Weird Wednesday. And here for your viewing pleasure is what I consider to be a disturbing video of melting chocolate bunnies. I mean, we're kinda close to Easter right? I figured it would be appropriate.

I think the music is what makes it so bad...

So here's a death metal version.

And this video led me to this one...

This one wasn't really disturbing. It was just...odd. But I couldn't look away. I like the music selection though.

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  1. I hate bunnies. You know why I hate them? Because they are evil. You know why they are evil?

    Well... neither do I, but they are.