Belated New Year's Post

by - January 04, 2011

Happy New Year!
[better late than never, right?]

The new year is about making resolutions to be better, right?

I've never actually made a new year's resolution. I'm serious. I've never pledged to lose weight, go to the gym or save money. I've always thought it was kind of pointless to reserve "resolutions" solely for the start of the year. [that and I don't want to lose weight, I abhor going to the gym, and I already have a savings account]

You see, I like eating what I want when I want. And I prefer to get my exercise in places other than a gym. And I fully believe that worrying about how much money I haven't saved is pointless and will only make me miserable in the scheme of things.

So instead of setting an unrealistic goal for myself to accomplish over the course of the year, I've decided to stick with something I know I can do.

I'm going to spend more time with my loved ones. Eat that cookie I want. Not worry about money. Smile more. Hold hands with my boyfriend. Take time to appreciate all the little things.

After all, shouldn't our resolutions be about the things that matter most in life?

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  1. Yes, our resolutions should be about the things that matter most in life. I wish more people would realize that.