Do the Truffle Shuffle

by - January 25, 2011

Apparently people living in the South have a higher tendency to be obese. Go figure, right? What with our love of fattening, greasy and/or fried foods and lots of it... who'd've thunk it?

Anyway, the state of Alabama has resolved to get its residents healthier, so they're sponsoring the 5th annual "Scale Back Alabama" campaign. The rules are pretty simple: create a group of 4 people who's BMIs are less than 20, weigh in and aspire to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks. That's a pound a week. Totally attainable, right?

So a group of my coworkers decided to form a team. They're calling themselves the Truffle Shuffles. Cute, huh? But totally misleading 'cause not a single one of them is overweight. But anyway, they're blogging their weight-loss adventure on our station's website. It's sure to be entertaining so I encourage you guys to follow along!

In light of my coworkers' ambition to lose 10 pounds, I decided that it couldn't hurt for me to shape up a little. I don't need to lose weight, but I could do with a little toning so I decided last night that I could do some basic stretches and crunches before bed.

So I thought back to my days of cheerleading, softball and tennis to determine what kind of stretches I could do and figure out a good number of crunches to start out with. Way back when I was doing a couple hundred crunches a day between practices and home, so I decided that 50 would be a good jumping-off point.

Boy was I wrong! At 30, my breathing was haggard. By 40, my sides/stomach were aching. When I finally got to 50, I collapsed.

Getting old sucks, man.

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  1. Yeah, people in the Southeast are fatties. Problem with using BMI is that it doesn't take into consideration whether or not the weight is muscle or fat. Oh and you put under 20, and it's over 20. Losing 10 lbs when you're already under 20 BMI is asking for it, lol.

    Me at 6'1 would have to weigh 151 to hit 19.9 BMI. Right now I weigh 171 at 22.6 BMI. 151 is impossible, unless I just want to be a stick.

  2. Me encantó esta peli, ¡la amo!