Life of Me IX

by - January 20, 2011

Ever had one of those days where nothing seems to go your way? Nothing goes wrong exactly, but it feels as if you're trying to walk through quicksand and are getting nowhere fast.

Yep, been one of those days.

And to top it off, the technology in the building was out to get me... again. This time in the form of the printer/copy machine.
It's one of those monster Xerox-type machines. Intimidating on a good day. Right now though it's not filled with normal paper. Instead it's filled with old letterheads, some dating so far back they're yellowed with age, all fatter than plain white printer paper almost as if it's water-logged. Anyway, the printer hates this paper and makes its feelings known every time I print and copy my anchors' scripts.

So I end up in the hallway with the machine, hitting it, sometimes kicking it and almost always yelling at it. Maybe I should put in a request for a personal printer.

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