Life of Me X

by - January 29, 2011

Do you guys remember me telling you about buying a car?

Well, my first payment was due this week, but I never got my payment book and I couldn't remember the exact payment so I decided to make the 30-minute drive to make the payment in person.

A cop pulls out behind me between Dothan and Webb, and I just knew he was going to pull me over. Sure enough, a few minutes later his blue lights started flashing, but I wasn't overly worried. I had been driving under the speed limit because of the car in front of me and there was at least a car length between us, so I was pretty sure it had something to do with my lack of tag.

Officer: I noticed you don't have a tag. Did you just buy the car or something?
Me: Yes, sir. I bought it January 4th.
Officer: Do you have your bill of sale?

Like I keep that in my pocket. Psh.

Me: No, sir, but I have my registration.
Officer: Do you have any warrants out for your arrest?
Me: No, sir.
Officer: Well I'm going to go run your license and make sure you check out.

15 minutes later...

Officer: So are you going to get a tag?
No, officer. I planned on riding around without one forever.

Me: Yes, sir. I'm actually in the process of getting all my stuff transferred to Alabama. 
Officer: Oh, so you're going through Alabama?

Me: Yes, sir. I'm going to transfer my license tomorrow.
Officer: Well, alright. You drive careful now.

And now I'm a resident of this place. What was I thinking?

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