Storm the Castle!

by - January 15, 2011

Here's a word of advice for you: don't storm the castle before you know the lay of the land.

This was a rough work week. First there was the national championship. Then the champs came home. Then there was the day my show was 2 minutes over no matter what I did to shorten it.

And then there was yesterday. When a decision was made not to run something because it was deemed inappropriate, but the reporter wasn't informed of the decision nor the reason behind it. So said reporter found out when the show came on and the item in question wasn't there.

So, instead of waiting until the show was over and gathering all of the information behind the situation, said reporter stormed down to the control room and confronted me. In the middle of my show.

The decision not to use his material was not mine. Yet he stormed into my domain, interrupted my concentration and distracted everyone responsible for making sure the show goes on the air.

Moral of this story? Make sure you have all the facts of a situation before you go on a warpath. Otherwise you make yourself look like a total ass.

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  1. It seems like people over there are always trying to be mean to you and yell at you! Do I need to hurt them?

    Also, I love your new header! It works with your whole vibe. :)

  2. Want to know the worst part of that whole situation? I have to write it up in an email and send it to the boss. Ugh. It's a never-ending cycle lately.

    And thanks for the compliment. I thought I'd finally take the time to personalize things around here!

  3. Oh God! In an email to the boss? Really? Ugh...

    And I like the new look around here. It's actually easier to read with the little newspapers and the white background. :)

  4. Thank you :) Other than getting the papers the perfect size, this wasn't all that hard to do.

    And, here's an update on the situation... he got called in for a 'talk' and ended up apologizing to me for being an idiot.