A Day in the Life

by - September 20, 2018

There's no doubt going from working in an office to working at home brings with it a whole new schedule. That schedule change has been the biggest adjustment, mostly due to the lack of daily deadlines. So for fun, I thought I would share my typical daily schedule (on a day when my husband also works).

-Wake up when husband's alarm goes off. It's still dark outside. Roll over and try to go back to sleep. Fail. Kiss husband goodbye.

-Finally fall back asleep. Daughter comes in five minutes later. Turn on Little Einsteins.

-Shower. Fetch juice and possibly breakfast for the boss. Makeup and hair. Clothes.

-Get the little one ready for daycare. Try to make it by 9:00. Sign in at 9:20. Make mental note to leave earlier tomorrow.

-Pick up Mountain Dew on the way home. (Sometimes I go for coffee instead.)

-Back home. Work: send lots of emails, create social media graphics, build monthly guide and calendar, etc.

-Realize it's 2:00 p.m. and I missed lunch. Settle for a snack. Start thinking about dinner.

-Pick up little one around 4:00 p.m. Go by the store, run errands, etc. Get home. Play with daughter. Start dinner. Wait for husband to get home. Eat dinner. Bedtime routine.

Now this routine varies slightly on days my husband is off but not much. It's so so different from what I used to do, and quite honestly some days (okay, most days) it feels like I'm on vacation or in a college work study program, but I wouldn't trade this. It is exactly what I should be doing.

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