4 Pieces of Clothing All Moms Need

by - March 19, 2019

Most days I take great pleasure in crafting a great outfit, but there's something to be said for those easy-to-throw-together outfits. You know the ones - your go to's for the days you're rushing to get out the door, when you have a million errands, or will be sitting around a picnic table with family. That's what this outfit is for me, and the best part? Each of the different pieces are so easily remixed with the rest of my wardrobe, which brings me to the subject of this post: 4 Pieces of Clothing All Moms Need. This could also be titled Anatomy of a Momiform. Seriously, though, having at least one of each of these four pieces will make getting dressed so much easier.

1. Jacket That Goes With Everything
When it comes to light jackets, there are so many options. From leather to suede to denim, having a lightweight jacket that you can throw on over anything as a completer piece is a life saver. While I think a denim jacket is definitely a closet staple (I have two), for me personally it doesn't fit the bill of going with everything in my closet. This leather jacket, on the other hand, does. It makes a jeans and t-shirt feel more put together, adds a little edge to feminine dresses, and doesn't feel too casual for dressier outfits. I also like this option in tan.

2. Printed Neutral Tee
This can be stripes, polka dots, floral print, whatever. I tend to lean more toward stripes, especially black/white striped tees (I have at least 4 in different styles and sleeve lengths) but even an olive green striped v-neck like the one I'm wearing or this gold/tan striped tee count. These are the shirts you can use for layering, wear alone with jeans/shorts/skirts, or mix prints with. The possibilities are endless.

3. Jeans That Fit Just Right
Obviously, fit is subjective. What I really mean is a pair of jeans that makes you feel good. They fit comfortably and flatter your body style. For me, the jeans in this picture are my absolute favorites. The waist band doesn't bunch up, the fabric doesn't stretch out as the day goes on, the length is perfect, and they make my butt look amazing.

4. Comfy Cute Sneakers/Slip Ons
Color doesn't really matter here. It's all about the style. You want something you can wear with jeans and shorts as well as dresses and skirts. And don't sacrifice comfort. For years I've been wearing a pair of slip-on neutral pink shoes. I wore them so much, I wore them out. I knew I had to replace them. Enter these slip-on sneakers. I don't know how light pink manages to go with everything, but it does.

Having these four types of clothing in my wardrobe make getting dressed so much easier than if I had a closet full of nothing but statement pieces. Don't get me wrong, I love a good statement piece, but if that's all you've got you end up with a closet full of clothes that don't mix well. Pieces like the ones I've shared in this post help balance things out and make those momiforms feel a little more like a real outfit.

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