How I Arrange Flowers for my Tables

by - March 31, 2019

Several months ago, Alexis and I started a little cheap tradition of buying flowers for our tables. At first we were sticking to pre-arranged bouquets, but then discovered the 3 for $12 bouquets at Publix. So we started mixing and matching and putting together our own arrangements. The best part is that for around the same price as an already done bouquet, I'm able to put together a vase for our breakfast and dining room tables. I've been sharing photos of our arrangements on my Instagram and Facebook, and typically get a good amount of responses, so I though it would be fun to share our process.

First, we choose three color-coordinating bouquets. As you can see, our base color for these arrangements is yellow. We used bright yellow daisies, yellow carnations with pink edges, and pink rose sprays.

When we get them home I spread all the flowers out across the table. I pick out any that are broken, divide them for the two vases I'm using, and trim the stems down to the right height. I put my water and the vitamix stuff in first so it's good and mixed up.

As for arranging the flowers, well, I'm no expert by any means. I usually start with the biggest flowers first and then mix the smaller ones in in a circular pattern, keeping the heavier flowers in the middle. Our arrangements last about two weeks.


Note: This post is not sponsored, but if Publix is reading I'd be more than willing to collaborate *wink wink*

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