Monday Motivation

by - March 04, 2019

I haven't done one of these in awhile. Truth be told, I don't need as much motivating these days. We had a busy weekend, so I didn't get around to pre-scheduling my posts for this week, but I didn't want to not post on Monday. I feel like if I skip Monday, the rest of the week kind of falls apart, at least for the blog. My work pace will be picking up this week in anticipation of a late delivery on this month's magazines. There are lots of people to contact, a calendar to fill up with events, and a guide to put together. I hope you guys have an amazing week!

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  1. Hi, Ashton!

    I want to take this opportunity to express sorrow over the loss of life in Eastern Alabama as twisters raked the area east of Auburn University. As you know, we have family near there, and when we awoke this morning to the news that at least 23 people were killed by tornadoes in their vicinity, we were worried. I called them at 8:15 and determined that no one in our family was hurt. The deadly funnels passed south of them. If you were still producing the news for the Dothan station I am sure you'd have an extremely busy day on your hands with multiple live shots from the devastated scene. Naturally I hope you and your family escaped injury and sustained no damage from the storms.

    On another sad note, I am sure you must feel badly about the death of 90210 star Luke Perry.

    Have a good week, dear friend Ashton!

    1. We came through the weather completely unscathed. It barely even stormed at my house. Everything was either north or south of us. I'm glad your family came through it all safely!

      I never watched 90210, but Luke Perry was in several other shows and movies I grew up with and/or recently discovered. His death is definitely sad.