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by - March 02, 2019

It's been awhile since I did a link love post, but I'm trying to get back in the habit. Usually the week after sending a magazine to press is pretty laid back. That's not to say I'm not working; I'm just not grinding at quite the same speed. We finally got our taxes filed this week, started rebuilding our growing girl's spring wardrobe, and this weekend we've got multiple birthday parties to attend. Hope you all have something fun planned! In the meantime, here's some stuff I loved this week:

You Are Not Your Instagram: The Emotional Consequences of Social Media is a powerful blog post about how social media can negatively impact your mental health. It resonated with me because Aileen (The Baller on a Budget) shares her personal story.

I don't have a lot of reason to dress business casual these days, but I thought Audrey (Putting Me Together) did a really good job of breaking down all the different nuances of business casual style in her post What Is Business Casual Style?

Apparently, I still have two more years before I'll get a good night's sleep again. At least, that's what science says.

If you're a parent, you know the advice about how to raise your kids never stops. Kristina Kuzmic made a compilation video that I think you'll enjoy.

I'm a firm believer that people can do anything they put their minds to. That's why I'm loving this #breakingthestereotype dancer.

The Jonas Brothers are back! Check out their new song and video, Sucker.

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