Things To Do With Your Kids This Spring

by - March 11, 2019

With each new season comes expectations of change. Now that we've officially sprang forward and the weather is trending away from freezing temperatures, it's time to start thinking about things to do with the kiddos now that we've got more hours of daylight. I've rounded up some fun activities for kids of all ages.

Visit a local park or playground. You can choose a new park/playground every weekend to keep things fresh.

Go for a walk or bike ride.

Have a bubble party. All you need is bubble mix and an assortment of wands. If you want to go all out, you can buy bubble guns or a bubble machine.

Decorate your driveway or sidewalk with sidewalk chalk. You could even give small awards for the most creative drawings.

Set up a driveway obstacle course using hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, jump ropes...whatever you've got!

Grab a blanket, fill up a basket with yummy sandwiches and snacks, and go on a picnic. It can be as simple as your front yard or going to your favorite park.

Fly a kite.

Plant a garden. Whether it's vegetables or flowers, it's a constructive way to let your kids play in the dirt. Plus they'll love seeing their plants grow.

Mini golf is perfect for the entire family, and it's a great evening activity. Just remember the insect repellent,

Take a day trip. You could go to an amusement park or visit a zoo.

For those inevitable rainy weekends, you can spend a few hours at a trampoline park or arcade.

What are some things you and your family are looking forward to this spring?

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