10 Books Currently on my TBR List

by - September 25, 2020

In June, I shared with you guys 30 books I want to read, and while it wasn't my full TBR list, it did cover a lot of what I had sitting in queues at the time. The thing with TBR lists, though -- or at least mine -- is that they are continuously evolving. I'm proud to say that over the last three months, I've been able to cross six of those books off my list, but my TBR list continues to grow much faster than I can read the books I keep adding to it. That said, the remaining 24 books in that original post remain on the list, and while I'll get to them eventually, they're not sitting at the top of my reading pile right now.

Here are the 10 books currently holding my attention:

*Currently reading.

*The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern - After how much I loved The Night Circus, I really couldn't pass this book up. Zachary Ezra Rawlins finds a book hidden in his university's library that contains a story from his own childhood. In his quest to learn how this particular story was recorded, Zachary uncovers a series of clues that lead him to a masquerade party, a secret club, and through a magical doorway to an ancient, underground library.

*The Haunting of H.G. Wells by Robert Masello - Set in World War I, author H.G. Wells is dispatched to the front lines to determine the validity of a strange story: Saint George and a brigade of angels descending from Heaven to fight beside British troops. While there, he discovers a wasteland that's inhabited by the living, the dead, and those stranded in between. Those souls follow him back to London where a deadly plot that could turn the tide of the war is unfolding. Wells, along with his young love, battles secret agents and depraved occultists to save not only his country, but also the world and his sanity.

*Game of Hearts by Emilia Finn - This is book three in the Stacked Deck series, which is the fourth series after the Rollin On books. This one will focus on Mac and Bean, but that's all I can tell you because all of these books are tied together and you really need to start with book one of the Rollin On series.

Circe by Madeline Miller - This book has been on my radar for awhile, and I can't wait to dive in. Circe is the daughter of the sun god, Helios, but she's not like the gods she lives with. So Circe goes to Earth to live amongst the mortals, where she discovers she is a powerful witch. When Zeus banishes her to a deserted island, Circe hones her craft and finds herself the recipient of the wrath of both gods and men.

The Romeo Arrangement by Nicole Snow -  I really enjoyed Accidental Knight, and this book seems like it will follow a similar theme. Ridge rescues Grace and her father when he declares the two of them are engaged and moves them into his home. Of course, this is a love story so I expect a happy ending.

The Last Monument by Michael C. Brimley - Joe Rickards is an investigator for the NTSB. While working a small plane crash, he discovers it all started with a mysterious letter.

Heart Bones by Colleen Hoover - Beyah Grim's plans to leave her past life behind are put on hold due to an unexpected death that sends her to live with her absent father. While there, she connects with her wealthy neighbor, Samson, and begins a summer fling. I really enjoyed Regretting You, so when this title by the same author popped into my recommendations I immediately downloaded it.

Harley Merlin and the Detector Fix by Bella Forrest - This is book seven in the Harley Merlin series, so I can't really give you a synopsis of it without spoiling the other six. Basically, Harley is a young witch descended from two powerful blood lines who finds herself on a mission to stop her evil aunt from taking over the world.

The Age of Witches by Louisa Morgan - The descendants of Bridget Bishop are split into two distinct sects: those who use their powers for good and those who use their powers only for themselves. Annis finds herself in the middle of this centuries long family feud and must choose between love and loyalty, power and ambition.

Fawkes by Nadine Brandes - V for Vendetta is one of my favorite movies, so I really couldn't pass up this fantasy retelling of the Gunpowder Plot starring Guy Fawkes's son.

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