The Bronze Year: 12 Gift Ideas for Your 8th Wedding Anniversary

by - September 10, 2020

8th wedding anniversary gift ideas

It's hard to believe that this month my husband and I will be celebrating our eighth wedding anniversary. Maybe it's just this year, but it feels like it's been a lot longer. Year eight is traditionally the bronze anniversary (see the full list here). While we don't put a lot of emphasis on anniversary gifts, I thought it would be fun to put together a little bronze-inspired gift guide. There was surprisingly more to choose from than I anticipated, and even more surprising, I found a few things that I wouldn't mind having myself!

8th wedding anniversary gift ideas

1. Shotgun Shell Coasters - These made me think of my husband...and my brother, dad, and PawPaw, if we're being honest. The hubs can keep these on the table beside his recliner, and you can hopefully say goodbye to drink rings.

2. Bronze Rim Tumblers - All that's missing from this set is a decanter of scotch.

3. Thor's Hammer Bottle Opener - Now your man can feel like a superhero every time he opens a pop cap.

4. Compass Keychain - You can customize the coordinates to the place you met, had your first date, wedding...any date that means something special.

5. Bronze LED Lanterns - I love these and might just order a set for myself.

6. Kissing Couple Statue - A romantic touch to fill that empty spot on your bookshelf.

7. Solar Moon Light - How pretty is this garden light! It just might end up in my cart, too...

8. Soundwave Art - Such a unique way to say "I love you." Also comes in other finishes.

9. Vintage Jewelry Box - This isn't really big and has no dividers, but it sure would be pretty on a dresser or dressing table.

10. Antique Key Necklace - I really really really really really want this for myself. Hint hint.

11. Bronze Ring - It's not a diamond but this love knot ring is pretty sweet.

12. Bronze Rose - A rose that will never wilt! This would be so pretty on a shelf, dresser, or even the coffee table.

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