10 Things I Loved in August

by - September 03, 2020

August was simultaneously the longest month of my summer and not long enough. We had lots of new stuff happening with the magazine, which meant my work load increased. I had two weeks where I worked harder and longer than I have since starting this journey two years ago. That's not a complaint by any means. I'm really excited about the new stuff we've added and all the ways it will help my local community.

It was also an active month for the blog. Second in number of posts only to May, this was the busiest August in terms of posts in four years with an average of 2-3 posts each week.

I'd like to think I was more intentional with most aspects of my life this past month, but especially with my down time since I didn't seem to have nearly as much to go around. So for this things I love post, you'll see several items that simplified my daily routine or made my self-care time a little bit better.

Without further ado, these were a few of my favorite things in August.

Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links.
Memory Foam Pillow - My husband tried out this pillow earlier in the year, and aside from finding a better-fitting pillow case, he's absolutely loved it. I swapped over to my own at the beginning of this month, and I think I get a better night's sleep using it.

Pimple Patches - Where were these when I was in college? These little patches are miracle workers. I get painful bumps when I indulge in too much dairy, not to mention the onset of mask acne this season. These patches draw the gunk out, reduce inflammation, and basically reduce my desire to pick at these unwanted blemishes. I use them on my face, neck, shoulders and back.

Makeup Brushes - I've been wanting a matching set of makeup brushes for quite awhile but just never followed through with it. This set was inexpensive but is good quality. I don't use every brush that it came with, but I use most of them.

2-in-1 Hair Straighter/Curler - This doesn't replace the curling wand I use to touch us second-day natural curls, but it does help me transform third-and-fourth-day hair into loose waves or straight locks.

Emilia Finn's Rollin On & Survivor series - Are you guys tired of me talking about this interlinked set of series yet? I seriously can't get enough of them.

Bathtub Drain Cover - This has taken my bubble baths to the next level, one in which my entire body is submerged without me having to endure the loud noise of the overflow drain.

LOTR Zoom Reunion - The full cast of the Lord of the Rings trilogy joined Josh Gad for a Zoom reunion and it was amazing. They re-enacted scenes, shared memories from the set, and talked about all the things that made the movie into an instant classic.

Zip Up Hoodie - Would you believe I've never owned a zip up hoodie before this one? I love the rose color and how thin this one is. It's perfect to wear around the house or an air-conditioned office.

Wedge Sneakers - Ever wanted to try a trend without spending a fortune? That's what these shoes were for me, and I'm honestly surprised by how much I like them. They're a step up from regular sneakers but don't feel as fancy as ankle boots, and I like the little bit of height they give me.

Boyfriend Jeans - Raise your hand if you're tired of skinny jeans. I mean, I still love mine but there's just something about a pair of relaxed pair jeans that still have personality.

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