Runaway Anchor

by - July 28, 2010

Some crazy things happen behind-the-scenes of a newscast sometimes. Take this morning, for instance.

We're in the second block of the second hour. We normally have an average of three national stories to start the block, then wipe to a health animation to transition into health news and then we wipe to a sports opening and morning sports package.

My anchor goes through the national stories. Then she looks at her scripts. Sees that it says PAUSE in big, bold letters. Assumes we're wiping to Sports. Goes back to the desk.

Behind the scenes, the director looks up at the preset monitor. The anchor isn't there. The health animation is finished, frozen on air. There's a chorus of panicked "Where is she?!"

The cameraman is panning the studio frantically. The director is getting agitated. You can tell because he's stomping his feet under the board. In the monitor you see the anchor running diving back across the studio to get to where she's supposed to be.

In the weather monitor you can see my weathergirl dying with laughter.

The anchor stops at a completely different over-the-shoulder monitor, but we've already wasted five-to-ten seconds searching for her. That's a lot in t.v. time.

None of this made it on the air.

I love my job.

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