Immigration Hooplah

by - July 07, 2010

The Obama Administration is suing the state of Arizona over its newly passed immigration law.

Here's a link to Arizona Senate Bill 1070 if you'd like to take a look at it for yourself.

Basically, the new law would allow the police to question the citizenship of anyone they stop legally but suspect might be in the country illegally. It also would require legal immigrants to carry their official documents.

There's been a lot of hooplah over this law in recent weeks, mostly from the Latin community. At least 18 localities around the nation are boycotting the state while 22 other states are considering similar legislation.

National media has been broadcasting massive protests and rallies in connection with Arizona's new policy, but has anyone stopped to notice that the majority of the people there are Latino? I'm not being racist in any way, shape or form with that comment. I'm simply stating a fact. And with an estimated 10.8 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. as of 2009 according to the Center for Immigration Studies, I'm guessing that a lot of those protesters aren't exactly legal citizens.

Civil rights groups are calling it racial profiling, and I can see where they're coming from. Corrupt cops could use the new law to target certain races. I get it. But there's an estimated 460,000 illegal immigrants in Arizona. Maybe, just maybe, this new law will help cut back on the myriad of crimes that come with it, namely drug trafficking.

And is it just me or are other law-abiding, legal U.S. citizens wondering how 10.8 million people who don't have any power over the political system whatsoever are managing to enforce any modicum of control over the presiding administration?

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  1. Since you’re interested in Arizona 1070, I thought you might be interested in the Center for Immigration Studies’ newest video. It’s called “Hidden Cameras on the Arizona Border 3″ and can be watched at