Broken Dams & Shark-Swallowed Statues

by - July 26, 2010

When I was in the sixth grade my Probe class took a field trip to the Walter F. George dam. It was, quite honestly, one of the coolest field trips I have ever been on. And I've been on quite a few.

The field trip consisted of us getting to walk across the top, look over at the gates and go all the way to the bottom. Super cool.

You're probably wondering where that random memory came from. Well, take a look at these pictures of a dam that broke in Iowa:

[pictures courtesy CNN]

This is what was the Lake Delhi dam. On Saturday the roads on either side of it that serve as containment measures gave way. Officials say it's because of unseasonably high rainfall amounts. The 700 residents of a nearby town had less than five minutes to evacuate.

I can't direct you to my source of information [it's basically a producer's version of CNN], but HERE's a link to a story the Des Moines paper did on the story.

That's pretty crazy, huh? Almost as crazy as this:
This is supposed to be a bronze statue of a surfer in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Calif. Some pranksters decided to make it a little more interesting by building a 16-foot papier mache great white shark devouring it. This poor statue has seen its share of pranks, however nothing as elaborate as this one. In fact, it's been tampered with so many times that locals call it "The Cardiff Kook."

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