Eat Mor Chikin

by - July 09, 2010

Happy Cow Day!

We're totally celebrating this wacky holiday on the show today. My meteorologist is actually dressing up as a cow for the opening part of the show... in both hours. I'm talking full cow costume. It's going to be epic.
So in the spirit of cow appreciation, put on your cow suit and go to Chik-Fil-A for some free chicken!

So the whispers about the U.S.-Russian spy swap turned out to be true. All 10 suspected Russian secret agents pleaded guilty to conspiring to act as unregistered agents in a Manhattan federal court on Thursday. They were sentenced to time already served and ordered out of the country. They're being deported as I type in exchange for four people convicted of spying in Russia for the U.S.

I think we got the short end of that stick.

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