I Wanna Hold Your Hand

by - July 15, 2010

Back in 1965, a 15-year-old girl looked up the Beatles' London addresses and just knocked on their door. Then for the next two years she used money she earned on her paper route to take a train into London every weekend just to hang out with them. How cool is that?

If I wasn't positive the Beatles were awesome before today, I'm 100% sure of it at this moment. I mean think about it. Can you name any artist of this age that you could look up their address, knock on their door and just go hang out?

Didn't think so.

So while they were all just hanging out, this teenage girl was (of course) snapping pictures. Up until now all those pictures have been gathering dust in her attic. Next month they're all going to be auctioned off and this woman is going to have a nice little sum of cash.
Friendship pays off, huh?

Anyway, in honor of the coolness that is the Beatles, here's one of my favorites by them.

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  1. The Beatles are totally the shiz. :P

  2. I know, right! And I mean it in a totally not crazy fan-girl way, LOL.