An Unpaid Review of Coogam Pattern Blocks

by - May 06, 2020

We've been trying to surprise Alexis with little things throughout this coronavirus craziness. She's been stuck at home for weeks on end and, understandably, getting stir crazy and a little tired of playing the with the same toys and games day in and day out. We haven't done anything crazy - a few new books, a small pool for the backyard, a new LEGO set, and the focus of this post: these pattern blocks.

It started with a search for age-appropriate puzzles. We've got a small collection of Minnie Mouse and Disney Princess puzzles, but Alexis has put them together so many times they don't offer much of a challenge anymore. When I came across the Coogam Pattern Blocks, I was instantly intrigued.

The set comes with 100 pieces and 24 design cards to help you get started. The designs range from simple to difficult, or you can choose to make your own designs.

Alexis absolutely loves these blocks, and so do I. The design cards are helping reinforce the patterns she learned in PreK, and the free play encourages her to use her imagination to come up with her own designs. They're not so simple that parents can't get involved and - dare I say it? - have fun, too.

This set comes with a little drawstring pouch to keep the blocks in, as well as a sturdy box like what board games come in so they can be stacked easily. If your child were to spill something on the blocks, all you would have to do is wipe them with a damp cloth. We spent $15 on our set, and I can confidently say we've already gotten our money's worth.

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