What I Read May 2020

by - May 28, 2020

What I Read

Do you have a TBR list? You know, a list of books you want to read? Well, mine never gets smaller because as soon as one title comes off, at least three more get added. That said, I got a decent start on my summer reading list this month. Recently I've let myself get sucked into a specific genre and not strayed from it, so I challenged myself to branch out and read some different types of books and break the trance.

Whisper of the Moon Moth

Author: Lindsay Jayne Ashford

This book has been on my list to read for awhile, and it was a good one to start my summer reading. It's a nice historical fiction based on real-life actress, Merle Oberon (best known for her role of Cathy in Wuthering Heights), and how she spent her entire life hiding her true heritage. The story begins in Calcutta, India, where Merle still goes by her given name, Estelle Thompson, and a failed love affair sets her dreams of becoming an actress in motion. As you follow her journey to stardom, you'll cross paths with Laurence Olivier, Vivienne Leigh, and Leslie Howard. It's a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at early Hollywood and what might have happened.

The Girl in Cabin 13
Author: A.J. Rivers

I have mixed feelings about this book. On the one hand, the plot line is extremely interesting. A female FBI agent, Emma, is sent undercover to a small town to find a serial killer, but because of a previous incident she's ordered only to observe and then call in a team to bring the culprit in. There are a lot of things about her mission that I don't think would actually happen in real life. However, I did like the main character and the story didn't get bogged down. I will say that I identified the killer pretty early on in the story, but I read a lot of mysteries and have a pretty good eye for foreshadowing. There is a lot of unexplored and unresolved back story with Emma that I assume will be addressed and eventually resolved in successive books, however I haven't decided if I want to continue the series.

The Mermaid's Sister

The Mermaid's Sister
Author: Carrie Ann Noble

Why did I wait so long to read this? Clara, Maren, and O'Neill were raised together after being found as orphans - Maren inside a seashell, O'Neill underneath an apple tree, and Clara delivered by a stork. When Maren turns into a mermaid, Clara and O'Neill know they have to get Maren to the sea or she'll die. So they set out for the shore, but their journey is anything but easy and the trio finds themselves the prisoners of a troupe of traveling performers.

Infinity Chronicles
Infinity Chronicles
Author: Albany Walker

I read this all in one go in the box set. Truthfully, the author probably could have told the story in one or two books instead of four. Laura and her mom have been running for as long as Laura can remember but she doesn't know why. Now it's senior year and all Laura wants to do is make it to graduation without attracting any attention. But an unexpected connection to three of her classmates and the disappearance of her mother make that unlikely. Laura learns she's part of an Infinity and that everything she thought she knew about herself is a lie. Now she and her men find themselves facing a dangerous adversary that's been chasing Laura her entire life. I liked the story, especially the unexpected ending, but I have to admit that I found Laura to be annoying at times. Her underlying issues were understandable based on the circumstances but at times she just came across as obtuse and her self-doubt seemed overexaggerated. Ares was my favorite character.

Ghosts of Gotham
Ghosts of Gotham
Author: Craig Schaefer

Holy freaking wow. This book was by far the best I read in May. I literally found myself sitting in open-mouthed shock as the author revealed the secrets of this mystery. In order to not spoil those same moments for you, I'm going to tell you what made me download it initially. An investigative reporter is hired to find and authenticate a lost manuscript written by Edgar Allan Poe. For Lionel Page, who's built his career on debunking mysteries and the supernatural, it should be an easy task, but when the first body shows up, Lionel realizes he's gotten involved in something much bigger than a mysterious manuscript.

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