Facebook Faux Pas

by - February 25, 2010

So there are some crazy things going on the news this morning, but since most of them are depressing I've chosen not to discuss them. I mean, c'mon. You guys really don't want to read ramblings about killer whales killing their trainers. 'Cause that's honestly the most interesting, although morbid, thing going on in the news world right now. I refuse to give way to the Winter Olympics, by the way. I enjoy watching them and all, but I don't go crazy over who wins the most medals. With that said, Go USA!

Anyway, I've gotten a lot of random friend requests on facebook here lately. I chalk it up to being friends with all my WTVY coworkers. So now viewers who apparently think my facebook is interesting are now my friends. But they're not the only random people I don't know who are now my friends. I think the meaning of that word should be changed... So, I've got all my friends divided into different lists. That way I'm not swamped with information I don't care about from people I don't really know. In fact, one of my lists is simply titled Unknowns. Appropriate, yes?

But enough about my unknown facebook friends. On to the purpose of today's blog. People do all kinds of things with Facebook these days, and that's all fine and dandy. But I use mine for the sole purpose of keeping in touch with my friends. My real friends, not my unknown friends. I'm not big into the applications, although I must admit there for awhile I was kind of addicted to FarmVille. Don't judge me. Anyway, for today's post I decided to compile a list of things people do on facebook that annoy me. Be warned, some of these can be conceived as petty.

1. Post Pictures of Their Kid as Their Profile Picture: I'm friends with you. Not your kid. When I'm scrolling through my different lists of friends I'm not necessarily reading the names. I'm looking at the pictures, and when I see a picture of a baby I'm immediately thrown for a loop. Your child's picture does not immediately tell me who you are.

2. Not Hit *SKIP* on Application Invitations: I don't care what applications you're into, be it that fish game, cafe game or mobster game. But please please please stop sending me invitations. I'm tired of blocking applications. And there's this one that I swear I've blocked upwards of 20 times but it keeps coming back!

3. Update Your Status Every 2 Minutes: Get a Twitter. Seriously. If I wanted to know every little thing you're doing, I would stalk you.

4. Don't Respond in a Timely Manner to Wall Posts and/or Messages: If I take time out of my day/night to write you in some form, the least you could do is acknowledge it. I'll even accept a one-word answer just so I know my craftily-worded message wasn't written in vain.

5. Create an Event and Invite Me to It Even Though I'm Not Part of the Group You Created it For: This one should be self-explanatory...

6. Invite Me to Be a Fan of a Politician's Page: The same goes for joining a politician's group. Don't shove your political views down my throat.

7. People Who Comment on Everything Just Because They Can: This does not make you cool. No. It just makes you annoying. Go away.


This is why I create lists. To keep the people who do these things separated from all the normal people who use facebook as it was originally intended.

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  1. I totally laughed my butt off. I agree with most of these.

  2. You should elaborate on which ones you *don't* agree with.

  3. The first one, but I don't completely disagree. If you are in the picture, great, or if there's an extenuating circumstance, I can see it.

  4. It doesn't really bother me if they've just had the baby, but when they don't ever have a picture of themselves as their profile picture it's just annoying. Of course this excludes my cousin's profile pictures of Wesley, lol.

  5. Of course it excludes family. Because family doesn't count in these instances.