Post-It Palooza

by - February 23, 2010

An early morning post-it experience inspired today's Post-It Palooza post. I'm actually pretty excited I got to incorporate palooza into my title. It's a fun word. Palooza. Anyway, the experience...

I was opening up a pack of post-its that I got for Christmas. (Yes, Christmas. I get weird gifts, but I love post-its.) As I'm removing the plastic wrapping from the giant stack of brightly colored sticky notes I noticed this smell. Not a bad smell, no. So I sniff out the source of the fruity aroma and discover that it's coming from my post-it notes. This is seriously like the best discovery I've made in ages. Pineapple scented Post-Its! Whodathunkit?

I love post-its. I use them all the time. I like to make notes on them and stick them in my planner to add color. I'm a nerd, I know. At least I'm a cute one. Anyway, some people love post-its a lot more than I do so in today's Post-It Palooza I'm going to share some Post-It art with you guys.

Taking it back to some old-school Nintendo with Donkey Kong. If you remember Donkey Kong looking like this you probably grew up in the 90s.

I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be Mario. Too bad the artist confused his costume with Luigi's. Mario wears red. Not green.

Ray Charles. It actually looks like him. Scary or impressive? I'm impressed by the finished product and possibly scared by the person who took the time to create this...

And this. Other than the eyes, I'd say this is a pretty accurate rendition of Elvis Presley. His eyes are kinda creepy in post-its.

This one is my favorite. Lots of detail.

This is pretty cool, too. I can't even draw good stick people. These people create masterpieces with Post-Its. Doesn't seem fair.

These people just have too much spare time. Really?

And just for fun:
I want these. That's a not-so-subtle hint for all those reading who might have an occassion for which they need a gift for me...

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  1. Holy crap these were cool. I love post-its. They are truly one of life's great joys.

  2. Post-Its are my favorite office supply. I need the pig-shaped ones to go with my pig pen.