We're on a bridge, Charlie!

by - February 04, 2010

So this week has been pretty lame as far as interesting news events go. In case you're confused as to the relevance of that statement, it's my roundabout way of apologizing for having random blog topics all week. Blame it on the lameness of the world's newsworthy idiot population. They've been falling down on their jobs. With that said, now we've come to the actual topic, or lack thereof, of today's post. Yesterday one of my coworkers admitted that he had never heard of, let alone seen, Charlie the Unicorn. So this post is dedicated to Mike (and all of my loyal readers who love this video). Everyone deserves to see this at least once in their lifetime.

Yes, I know this was a total waste of however long it happens to be but you know, deep down inside (maybe way deep down inside), that you really loved it. Or maybe not. It's totally up to you. But now you can live the rest of your life with the knowledge of who Charlie the Unicorn is. And if you truly enjoyed this video (admit it, you did), there are sequels. And then there are the versions other random people have created. If you're ever bored one day just go to youtube, search Charlie the Unicorn and enjoy the plethora of Charlie goodness.

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  1. OMFGWTFBBQ?????!!!!!! He had never seen the epicness that is Charlie and his cohorts? That is just a pure shame. Thank you for schooling him in this subject matter. Now, maybe one day, he can be the Banana King. :)

    God I love those videos... :D