Super Bowl Recovery Day

by - February 08, 2010

Happy Super Bowl Recovery Day. Especially to all us lucky people who had to be at work extremely early (or possibly didn't make it to bed after the game ended).

Let's be honest, most people watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. They're usually bangin'. And they should be for the upwards of $3 million per 30 seconds of air time CBS charged for some of the advertisers. I was disappointed this year though. True, the commercials were much more light-hearted than last year's, but none of them really made an impact on me one way or the other and some of them were just downright confusing.

So today I was looking into the Dorito's Super Bowl commercial contest just to see what it was all about, and I came across a commercial that was banned outright from ever hitting the air. Of course that means nothing to youtube. So, for your viewing pleasure, I give you The Banned Dorito's Commercial. I found this extremely funny, even though I have to admit it is a little twisted. Enjoy!

Oh, and let me just end this with the stereotypical Who dat gon' beat dem Saints? Apparently not the Colts. Even if Peyton Manning is a beast.

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  1. I don't see why it was banned.

    Maybe that's just me though. And Oh My Jesus that was a good game last night. Manning was terrible, not paying attention to his passes and such, but wow, just, wow...

  2. Is it sad that the first time I watched the video the first thing I thought of when I saw her legs sticking out from under the car was the Wizard of Oz?