King Tut's Misfortunes Revealed

by - February 17, 2010

Other than being insanely tired despite sleeping for 8+ hours yesterday, my night/morning production work has been relatively easy. Lots of news yesterday. Lots of news. Which in non-news terms is great. You know that saying "no news is good news"? Totally not true. In this business anyway.

Anyway, on to today's topic. King Tut. You know, the famous pharoah? His tomb was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter (pictured above) filled to the brim with precious treasure, including his solid gold funeral mask (below).

Along with the discovery came the wonderful mystery of the so-called curse. There have even been movies made about this curse. The only one I can think of, however, is The Curse of King Tut's Tomb. My mom and I tried to watch it one time. It was interesting, just really slow moving and extremely long. I'm trying to remember if we even finished it...

The cursed tomb of King Tut (actual tomb pictured above) is not, however, what I wanted to talk about. I'm actually talking about the mummy itself. That's right, the mummy. Scientist's have been studying Tut's mummified remains (his head is pictured below), along with 15 other mummies, trying to get a better understanding of the myths surrounding the boy king.

Basically what they discovered is how he died, which is pretty big news considering for a long time they thought he had been murdered. You see, there's a hole in his skull, but after years of speculation it's been determined that he got that during the mummification process. Anyway, researchers discovered he had a broken leg... and think that that, along with malaria, is what killed him. They also managed to shed some light on his family tree. What all that boils down to is they're pretty positive his mom and dad were brother and sister. That could explain a lot...

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